Friday, 26 May 2017

Mamagoto: A Fun Hawker's Menu

Mamagoto is synonymous with ‘fun Asian eating’. Oh ok, this is their tagline! But the truth is that Mamagoto has converted many Chinjabi loving Delhiites to enjoy pan-Asian flavours, including Thai, Malaysian and Burmese. And now taking the fun a notch higher is the new Hawker’s Menu.

Top: Thai Puchkas
Bottom L-R: Surfer's Lunch; Rice Pancake.

My Favourites
As the name suggests, they have brought in streetfood inspired from the popular hawker’s carts across Thailand. So what better way to start than with Thai puchkas. Yes, puchkas, golgappas, panipuri, call it what you will, but don’t give it a miss. With a fabulous mix of spice, sweet and tang that is a must for puchkas, these crunchy bites come stuffed with peanuts, onion and red chillies rolled up in a betel leaf (the betel leaf wrap used to be served as an amuse bouche earlier, but has completely transformed in this avatar). And the accompanying sweet ginger and peanut sauce gives one the satisfaction of adding the ‘pani’ in the puchka. Then move on to the surfer’s lunch - opt for shrimp or soft shell crab tempura topped with coconut cream, peanuts, chilli and tamarind. A fabulous street-style twist to a bowl of rock shrimp. {Would it be too much information if I told you that my mouth is watering while writing about both these dishes?!} As with the rest of the Mamagoto menu, vegetarians are well taken care of; aubergine and okra tempura are presented in the same way as surfer’s lunch. Rice Pancake is a thin pancake loaded with very flavourful shredded chicken or mixed vegetables, served with an apple and mint sauce. It is a complete, comforting meal on its own.

More Options
For a more substantial meal there’s Garlicky Rice Noodles with silken tofu and broccoli or chicken or shrimp topped with burnt garlic. If you like tropical flavours, go for the Jungle Hula Hoop Curry with pineapple and jackfruit cooked with Thai herbs, spices and coconut. Mekong Boat Chicken Curry is rich with crushed peanuts and served with rice noodle nests. I find this to be a nice twist to the popular Chiang Mai Noodles in the regular menu.

Korean Specialties
Lamb Bulgogi and Bibimbap are popular additions from Korean cuisine. I have to confess that I have never eaten bulgogi before since most places serve a beef/buff version of it so I can’t really comment on the authenticity of this lamb dish. While it is usually grilled on a barbecue, here it is most likely stirfried. But it is a comforting dish of tender lamb pieces, slightly sweet since they are marinated with pear.

L-R: Lamb Bulgogi; Fried Banana with Icecream.

The best dessert to round off a meal hawker style is panko crusted fried banana with icecream and caramel sauce. Utterly sinful but an indulgence that we should allow ourselves, because #YOLO!

Mamagoto, Saket, S9, 2nd Floor, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi.                                                      
Phone:  011 4654 5160; 011 3399 9610.                                                                                                
Meal for two: Rs. 1,600 plus taxes (approx).                                                                               

Opening hours: 12 noon - 11.30 pm.