Monday, 26 November 2018

New In Town | Singapore’s Award Winning Bakery Opens in New Delhi

I love restaurants that serve a great bread basket. I can never resist freshly baked focaccia, melt-in-the-mouth dinner rolls or crusty baguettes. Delicious bread with soft, salted butter is the most wonderful start to a meal. So yes, even when half the world has given up or heavily cut down on their ‘carb intake’ I believe that eating everything in moderation is the key to good health.

So when the aroma of freshly baked goodies wafts out of the latest bakery in town I succumb very easily. BreadTalk maybe new in India, but ever since its opening in Singapore in 2000 it spread like wildfire across Asia with 900 outlets across Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. With their very first opening in our country, Select CityWalk is now home to BreadTalk’s signature Flosss bun, Japan Light Cheesecake, Chilli Pepper Dog, Pumpkin Loaf, Salted Egg Lava Croissant, Tuna Bun, Raisin California Dry Cake and so much more.

“When we bring BreadTalk into India, it’s more than just building a brand new bakery. What we are bringing into India is an excitement that will potentially redefine the bakery landscape in India,” says Latika Abbott, CEO, BreadTalk India. While some local flavours may be incorporated soon, I am happy to report that with the introduction of this world-class bakery in town, we now have the accessibility to internationally trendy and innovative product offerings that have so far never been available in India.

BreadTalk offers more than 100 types of breads and cakes, at very affordable prices. You will be spoilt for choice with all the sweet and savoury offerings so I will make things easier for you by sharing my picks:

Spicy Flosss

1. Flosss Buns
This signature bun actually has 3 Ss in its name. It features smooth egg cream made from a secret recipe, and a generous layer of chicken ‘flosss’, to form a fluffy and flavourful bun. I am told that the multiple varieties of Flosss buns have together sold over 100 million pieces worldwide. You must try it for sure. While the original chicken flosss is great, I really liked the Spicy Flosss for an added zing. 

Cheese Tarts

2. Cheese Tarts
Different from the egg tarts that one sees across south-East Asia, these little treats are made of Italian Mascarpone cheese and New Zealand cream cheese leading to most wonderful explosion of flavours in your mouth.

Japan Light Cheesecake

3. Japan Light Cheesecake 
Another signature item, this one is light and so pillowy soft that you’d want to sink into it. This Japanese style cheesecake is ever so fluffy and mildly sweet. It however has a strong eggy flavour, reminding me of an English caramel custard.

4. Get Cheesy
Get Cheesy is a baguette with a cheese-filled centre. Topped with cheese, mayonnaise and parsley, it makes for a perfect for lunch-on-the-go.

5. Pumpkin Loaf
This is definitely something that I will be stocking up on. This mildly sweet bread, topped with pumpkin seeds makes the most delicious toast. And if you feel like indulging, just spread a bit of salted butter to make the most satiating breakfast, snack or any time of the day pick-me-up.

6. Tiramisu Cake
Living up to its name, this spongy and fluffly cake is dipped in liqueur, and layered with grated chocolate, and creamy custard.

BreadTalk, 1st Floor, Select CITYWALK, New Delhi – 110017.
Ph: 9625004964
Timings: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Meal for Two: Rs 400 ++

Friday, 23 November 2018

Recipe | The Inspiration Behind Daniell's Tavern

I have written about various food promotions at Daniell’s Tavern at The Imperial New Delhi over the years, but it just struck me that I never shared the interesting story behind this fine-dine Indian restaurant.

The uncle and nephew duo - Thomas and William Daniell – were artists who were commissioned by the British Empire in 1786 to capture the rich culture and culinary traditions of India in their paintings. After starting their journey in Calcutta they moved up North and West travelling along the Ganges as far as Kanpur and the Mughal cities of Agra and Delhi. On their way back the Daniells stopped at Lucknow and were vastly influenced by the city’s royal resplendence. The next port of call was Madras and then Mysore followed by Bombay before they returned to England. While they did a fine job of 144 sceneries of India, they also collected a plethora of recipes through their travels. The eclectic menu of Daniell’s Tavern thus brings alive the taste of each of the places they visited. 

Chef Ved Prakash and Chef Mirza

 Time and again, the restaurant hosts special promotions to celebrate either the unique dishes of a particular region, or new additions to the existing menu. The latest one, called the Clash of The Titans was a neck-to-neck presentation of Dilli ka Swaad and Lucknowi Andaaz. Both the chefs helming this promotion came armed with rich culinary legacies. Chef Mirza Munnawar Baig is a fourth generation of Khansama from Lucknow. His forefathers used to work with Nawabs of Awadh and their gharanas. He presented traditional kebabs like kakori, galouti along with the all time famous biryanis. Chef Ved Prakash, on the other hand, brought a repertoire of old Delhi dishes, especially the kind that were served in his grandfather’s eatery during pre-Independence days. What followed was an array of Chef Mirza’s gosht ki ghilawat, kakori kebabs, chakunder aur raamdana ki tikki and dum biryanis and Chef Ved’s guchhi mussalam, mahi nazakat, Dilli6 ka mutton korma and Purani Dilli ka shahi tukda.

The delicious meal was served in the most luxurious setting. But the best takeaway turned out be the recipes shared by both the chefs. I am sharing the recipes below for your benefit. Do try your hand at some of these traditional dishes and drop in a word about how they turn out.

Daniell’s Tavern, The Imperial, Janpath, New Delhi – 110001.
Meal for two: Rs 6000 ++
Clasf of the Titans menu available till 24th November 2018. 
Time: 6:30pm-11:45pm;  only for Dinner



Dahi Anjeer Ke Kebab

100 gm Anjeer                                      
250 gm Hung curd                              
400 gm Paneer                                    
150 gm Roasted Chana powder          
150 gm Bread Crumbs                          
50 gm Ginger                                        
25 gm Green Chilli                                
50 gm Green Chopped coriander      
200 gm Ghee                                        
40 gm Garam masala powder                        
15 gm Elaichi powder                          
10 gm Roasted Jeera powder                
Salt to taste

1. Take hung curd in a bowl, add grated paneer, chop ginger, green chilli, green coriander, garam masala, elaichi powder, roasted jeera powder and salt.
2. Mix all neatly and fold this, mix with soft hands with roasted chana powder and bread crumbs.
3. Make balls and stuff it with Anjeer and flat stuffed balls and shallow fry on slow fire.
4. Serve with mint chutney.


Kakori Kebab

500 gm Mutton Boti                                  
60 gm Ginger & Garlic paste        
150 gm Onion                                
40 gm Red chilli powder              
15 gm Cardamon powder            
30 gm Garam masala powder        
0.5 gm Saffron                                          
100 gm Ghee                                  
100 gm Roasted Chana powder      
200 gm Cashew nut Paste            
200 gm Almond                              
10 gm Coriander root                                
2 drops Kewra Water                      
Salt to taste

1. Rub Lamb boti with red chilly powder, cardamom powder, garam masala powder, salt, ginger and garlic paste, and keep it aside to rest for 2 hours.
2. Mince it six times with onion and coriander roots.
3. Add cashew nut paste, almond paste, saffron and kewra water and rub it well.

4. Put this mince on skewer and cook it on sigdi. Turn it after intervals.
5. Serve with mint chutney.


Tulsi Ajwain Ka Mahi Tikka

600 gm River Sole Fish                                
100 gm Basil paste                                        
15 gm Ajwain                                                            
100 gm Ginger & Garlic paste                                  
50 gm Green Chilli paste                              
40 gm Garam masala powder                                
10 gm Cardamom powder                          
200 gm Hung curd                                        
50 gm Dairy cream                                      
Salt to taste
50 ml Mustard oil                                        
10 gm Kasutri Methi                                                
10 ml Lemon juice                                      

1. Wash and clean the fish. Cut it into tikka cut. Mix salt, ginger, garlic and lemon juice and keep it aside for at least 30 minutes.
2. Mix all the spices with hung curd and mix it well.
3. Add the fish and let it marinate for 1 hour.
4. Arrange the skewers across the clay oven about 4-5 inches from the heat. Turn it regularly until it turns light brown in color. Cook it for 7-10 minutes.
5. Baste it with oil and leave it for 10 minutes. Again, cook it until it turns golden brown.
6. Remove it from tandoor and apply fresh lemon juice.
7. Serve hot with mint chutney.


Shaami Kebab

500 gm Mutton boti                                        
150 gm Chana Dal                                          
100 gm Onion                                                  
50 gm Ginger                                                  
50 gm Garlic                                                    
25 gm Green Chilly                                        
50 gm Coriander                                            
25 gm Whole Garam masala                                      
100 gm Ghee                                                  
100 gm Roasted Chana masala                        
30 gm Red Chilli
30 gm Jeera powder                                      
30 gm Garam Masala powder                      
20 gm Cardamom powder                            
Salt to taste

1. Take a Lagan. Add mutton boti and roast it for about 5 minutes. Add salt, ginger, garlic, red chilly powder, whole green masala, and onion.
2. Add green chilly, coriander and then add chana dal and boil it.
3. Cook mutton until the water is absorbed totally and the meat becomes tender.
4. Allow the mixture of mutton to cool down completely.
5. Blend the mixture of mutton into a fine paste.
6. Add cardamom powder, garam masala, roasted chana powder and salt.    
7. Make a tikki in round shape.
8. Heat a tawa, add ghee and griddle fry tikki until it turns golden in colour.
9. Serve with mint chutney and laccha onion.


Jimikand Ki Galawat

1 kg Jimikand                                          
200 gm Onion                                            
200 gm Ginger and garlic paste              
250 gm Cashewnut                                    
300 gm Ghee                                              
50 gm Cardamom and Javitri powder      
50 gm Garam Masala                                            
25 gm Red chilli powder                          
10 gm Clove                                              
200 gm Roasted Chana                            
Salt to taste

1. Dice the Jimikand. Boil it with ginger, garlic, red chilly powder, clove and mash it.
2. Make brown onion and cashewnut paste.
3. Take a Lagan. Add ghee and Jimikand paste. Cook it for 20 minutes.
4. Add onion, cashewnut paste, garam masala, cardamom powder, Javitri powder, roasted chana and salt. Mix it.
5. Make a tikki in round shape.
6. Heat a tawa, add ghee and griddle fry tikki until it turns golden in colour.
7. Serve with mint chutney and laccha onion.



 Daniell’s Lamb Curry

500 gm Mutton curry cut                              
500 gm Mutton boti                                        
200 gm Onion                                                  
100 gm Tomato                                              
30 gm Garam Masala                                                  
20 gm Dhania powder                                                
30 gm Jeera Powder                                      
50 gm Kashmiri red chilli powder                
30 gm Ginger                                                  
30 gm Garlic                                                    
100 gm Desi Ghee                                          
50 gm Dhania Green                                                  
20 gm Khada Masala                                                  
Salt to taste

1. Take Ghee in a pan. Put khada masala, let it crackle. Add sliced onion. Cook till it turns golden brown in colour.
2. Add Mutton boti and mutton curry cut. Cook till it releases oil. Now add ginger and garlic paste and all the spices.
3. Cook on slow fire. Add some water.
4. Check seasoning and serve hot.


Subz Badam Ka Shorba

200 gm Carrot                                                
200 gm Beans                                                  
200 gm Cauliflower                                        
200 gm Green Peas                                        
100 gm Onion                                                  
30 gm Ginger                                                  
20 gm Garlic                                                    
60 ml Cooking oil                                          
20 gm Khada Masala                                                  
30 gm Dhania green                                      
100 gm Almond                                              
Salt to Taste

1. Take fresh vegetables – carrots, beans, cauliflower and green peas. Wash them properly and leave them aside to dry.
2. Take Ghee in a pan. Put jeera, ginger, garlic and all the vegetables. Cook it properly. Once cooked, let it cool down.
3. Grind into fine paste.
4. Take oil in a pan. Add chopped ginger, garlic and the ground vegetables. Add water.
5. Let it boil. Once done, check seasoning, add almond slivers and serve hot with namak pare.


Mahi Nazakat

1 kg Sole filet, sliced                                          
200 gm Onion                                                  
100 gm Tomato                                              
50 gm Dhania powder                                  
50 gm Jeera powder                                      
30 gm Garlic                                                    
30 gm Ginger                                                  
100 gm Khoya                                                
20 gm Cheese                                                              
20 gm Cashew nut                                          
20 gm Raisin                                                    
30 gm Garam Masala                                                  
80 ml Cooking oil                                          
30 gm Green coriander                                  
30 gm Royal Cumin                                        
Salt to Taste

1. Clean fish fillet. Pat it dry. Flat it with a knife.
2. Prepare stuffing with cashew nut, raisin, green coriander and khoya.
3. Place fish on the table. Put stuffing and make a nice roll. Bake it in salamander.
4. Take all in a pan. Add Royal Cumin, onion and tomato paste and cook it properly.
5. Place fish roll in a serving plate. Add fine gravy on it. Garnish with fresh coriander.