Thursday, 23 August 2018

6 Reasons to Visit Burma Burma’s newest restaurant in Noida

Burma Burma, a successful chain of Burmese restaurants, has single-handedly popularised this cuisine in the Capital with its extensive choice of khow suey, scrumptious salads, lip-smacking Yangon-style street food, luscious soups, steamed buns with assorted fillings and dishes made with black rice. That the restaurant serves only vegetarian fare and no alcohol and still manages to have a queue of people waiting for a table, especially on weekends, has added an element of intrigue to its success story. With the opening of its third restaurant in Delhi NCR, in Noida (and the fifth across India, after Mumbai and Bengaluru) here are six reasons to make your way here for a delicious and culturally enriching experience.

Old Favourites
Sunflower leaf salad.
Bottom L-R: Steamed buns with assorted fillings; lotus stem crisps.

1. Indulge in Old Favourites
I am a loyalist when it comes to food. So even when there are new additions to any menu I don’t forget my old favourites! And there’s a lot at Burma Burma that we have gone back for repeatedly. The sunflower leaf salad is one such in which the said leaves come as crunchy microgreens, topped with wheat chips, onion rings and red chillies in a spicy, tangy dressing. Then there are the freshly steamed buns with fillings like brown onion and roasted chilly filling and crunchy tofu. And of course, the lotus stem crisps sprinkled with a chilli masala are utterly addictive.

Delish New Dishes
Top: Grilled mock meat skewers.
Bottom L-R: Soup with fermented mustard and edamame;
Wa Style Potatoes.

2. Explore New Additions
It’s always a pleasure to explore more dishes of a cuisine. We noticed many additions to the existing menu from the tangy soup made with fermented mustard leaves and edamame to the grilled mock meat skewers with a sweet, tamarind sauce, stir-fried greens with tea leaves and shwedagon khow suey drizzled with coconut mayo. All these make for a good change for regulars.   

Sweet Endings

3. Savour the Freshest Desserts
This is the only Burma Burma kitchen that has an exclusive pastry counter, which means that not only has the choice of desserts more than doubled, but because they’re made fresh and in-house, the taste is several notches superior too. The desserts are curated by Vinesh Johny, whose Lavonne Academy has also trained the Burma Burma team in the fine art of pastry making. Among the new offerings is a the Rangoon Baked Milk with a Burmese style brioche that is served rather romantically with a frozen rose flower that is crumbled over the dessert right at the table to add an element of drama. Chocolate lovers with enjoy the Zen Garden made with the finest Callebaut chocolate. But if I was to pick my favourite, it’d have to be the apple tarte tatin Burmese style called Pa La Ta for its variety of textures and the comforting aroma and taste of warm cinnamon. And now for the most incredible part: all the desserts are egg less and gelatine-free. 

4. Host a Private Dinner
Another first for Burma Burma is the private dining room that can comfortably seat 16 people. The wall-art in this space is inspired by the work that one would see in royal palaces in Myanmar, making diners feel extra special.

5. Buy a Burmese Memento
I really feel that Burma Burma allows a delicious glimpse into Burmese culture through its food. The choice of food also allows a peek into the lifestyle and social habits of the people as each dish comes with a succinct description in the menu. If you’d like to carry a reminder of your experience at Burma Burma back with you, there is a merchandise counter that has qwirky bric-a-brac like lungi-bags, tea kettles, Burmese dolls and more.

This is the largest Burma Burma outlet in Delhi NCR. The decor theme
is the auspicious Buddhist 'Mandala'.

6. Soak in Some Positivity
The d├ęcor theme for this restaurant is the auspicious Buddhist ‘mandalas’ in the form of wall hangings and bamboo lights made in the shape of mandalas. I particularly liked a wall painting that depicts the Buddha’s foot. The bright colours and intricate drawings make it very appealing. Do have a look whenever you visit the restaurant.   


Burma Burma, Shop D 420B, Third Floor, DLF Mall of India, Plot M-03, Sector 18, Noida.
Ph: 0120 6296251-52.
Timings: Lunch 12.30pm to 4pm; Dinner 7pm to 11pm.