Tuesday, 4 September 2018

This Granny’s Parlour is the Buzzing New Hangout in Delhi

Much has been said about the naughtiest granny in town - Sly Granny - the one who travelled all over the world after her husband passed on, collecting memories and recipes; the one who fancies Arnie (why, Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course!) and whose favourite drink is a mocktail entitled ‘Arnie's Pineapples’.
After setting up her ‘home’ in Bengaluru {the very popular restaurant/bar}, her vacation home has found a sweet spot in the buzzing Khan Market in the capital. Although we love the story, as always, our focus is on the food and the food at Sly Granny is even better than her story!

Clockwise from Top Left: Barcelona Shrimp;
Black Pepper crusted Salmon;Sly 9; Lamp Chops.

World Cuisine
From the delicious Barcelona Shrimp to Biscuits & Gravy, the choice is eclectic and aplenty. While Granny has stuck to many classics from across the world like Grilled Fish and Mushroom Tortellini, she has spun her own twist on many dishes to put a surprise element onto the plate. Pulled Chicken Tacos, for instance, have a distinct south-Indian flavour, and the Kerala Fish Moilee is paired with Calcutta-inspired kasundi jhalmoori. 

Top: Deconstructed Cheese Toast
Bottom L-R: Grilled Peaches and Brie Crostini; Brie en croute.

If Cheese is BAE
If you like cheese, you are well catered for. Please do not miss out on the Grilled Peaches and Brie Crostini, Deconstructed Cheese Toast and the cheesy dessert - Brie En Croute, a puff pastry with an oozy, cheesy centre, sitting in a honey and pecan sauce.

For Delhi, With Love
Bengaluru’s Sly Granny has attracted patrons even from other cities especially to partake in their favourites like the Barley Salad, Chicken Mole Enchiladas and Croque Melt. The cozy Delhi parlour has most of Bengaluru’s hits and a few special additions too including a B&T (Bread & Tomato), Pepper Crusted Salmon and Sly 9, the 9 layered tenderloin burger with a juicy 120gm patty, mushroom ketchup, Dubliner cheese, bacon rashers and frazzled onions.

Left: Lime Margarita.
Right Top: Salmon Gravlax; Bottom: Pulled Chicken Tacos.

Tipple Your Senses
Granny’s on top of her drinking game too. With Gin being the trending choice of many, she has four gin-based cocktails to pick from – Posh G&T, Lychee & Rose Fizz, Soda Negroni and a jam-alicios Breakfast Bramble. Then there’s Pimms Cup and refreshing White Wine Sangria with pomegranate and rosemary to keep us cool in the hot Delhi weather. For non-cocktail drinkers there’s enough mocktails, wine, beer, malts and liqueurs to choose from.

Sly Granny, 4, Khan Market, New Delhi.
Ph: 011 49058941 / 49058146.

Timings: 12.30pm to 12.30am.

A version of this article first appeared on BlackBook.net.in on September 3, 2018.