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New Restaurant | This Is The Newest, Hippest Watering Hole in Delhi

Looking for a new buzzy joint for a night out in the capital? We have found just the place for you!

The buzzy interiors live up to the name with many glowing dragonflies
suspended from the ceiling.

Dragonfly Experience, as the name suggests, has loads of dragonflies of varying sizes suspended from the ceiling. To add to the fantastical appeal, they glow in the dark. Up ahead, two walls highlight other winged insects, backlit with neon colours. As the evening progresses, the lights become dimmer, the music louder and the mirrored mosaic on the walls on either side of the 10,000 square foot space adds more glimmer and shimmer. Split between three levels, each with a bar, Dragonfly Experience at Worldmark 1 is maverick restaurateur Priyank Sukhija's latest venture, in partnership with ace Indie rap-music composer rapper and singer, Badshah. 

The Special Cocktail menu is presented as a Manga Comic. We recommend
you to try some of these cocktails that look as fab as they taste! 

Raise a Toast
Although Dragonfly Experience ticks all the right boxes – fabulous ambience, great d├ęcor, high-energy music and an extensive choice of food – it is the cocktails that’ll keep us going back for more. Besides the classic cocktails and an impressive wine list put together by sommelier Magandeep Singh, Sukhija roped in Richard Hargroves, renowned British mixologist and co-founder of The London Academy of Bartending, to develop 12 signature cocktails that are unique to Dragonfly Experience. Hargroves boasts a 30-year experience working in some of the best bars across the world from the United Kingdom to New York to Hong Kong to Cape Town and is known to make various concoctions and tinctures in-house. (He is also in the process of developing his own brand of gin, which may be available in India in the near future.)

Hargroves’ menu, presented as a Manga comic (that is a graphic Japanese novel), where each cocktail comes with a story presented in a comic strip-style along with the details of the recipe. This, along with the creative presentation adds to the fun element. One of the best presentations is that of Shinigami that is gin infused with Japanese Sochu and plum wine and balanced with Dragonfly’s ginger cordial, honey and orange bitters. It is served in a glass that is shaped like a dragonfly. Saitama is another gin-based drink that is served in a ceramic monk-shaped glass. This one will appeal to people who like a citrus twang since it has fresh passion fruit puree, yuzu and lemon juice, finished off with Dragonfly’s citrus cordial and shiso leaves. But if you’re looking for something very refreshing, try Lust. Here, a mojito has been given a Japanese makeover with plum wine and cranberry and apple infused sake. But the final kick comes from the frosted rose petals. Not only do they look romantic, they leave a mild lingering hint on the palate without making it overly sweet. So as we said, there’s a lot to choose from and doing justice to this bar menu will warrant multiple visits.

The choice of food on offer is extensive: from bar snacks to
sushi and dimsum, Oriental mains and European grills,
and many new and experimental dishes as well.

Dig In
The choice of food on offer is as extensive as the drinks, if not more. The largely pan-Asian and European fusion dishes crafted by Chef Sagar Bajaj and Sukhija, himself, literally have something for everyone. For the classics opt for dimsum and sushi. Other bar tapas include wontons and croquettes, tempura baskets and puffsomes with assorted fillings, gyozas and baos. Then there are grills, the entire pan-Asian gamut from Thai red curry to clay pot lamb and hawker style noodles. For something novel, try the pizzas that come with Oriental toppings of green curry, khao suey or penang flavours. Want comfort food with a twist? There’s a range of mac and cheese with bacon mac swirls, lavender mac swirls and even lobster mac swirls. And there’s still a lot more!

In a nutshell: Head to Dragonfly Experience for a fun night that is easily comparable to international standards. We love the vibe of the place, funky decor that lives up to the name, high-energy music, lip-smacking food and the delicious cocktails that keep you buzzed.

Dragonfly Experience, Worldmark 1, Aerocity, New Delhi.
Timings: 12 noon to 1am.
Ph: +91 7303759996, +91 7303759995.

This article was first published on on 2nd July'19.

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