Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Home Delivery | Biryani Central

Delivery:You can place your order on the Biryani Central website; phone 9873333048; Biryani Central App, Zomato or Swiggy. There is a minimum order amount as per location. 

-      It is recommended to order at least 3 hours prior to the desired time of delivery as each biryani is made fresh only after the order is received. 

-      You can choose to order cutlery or not. This is a more sustainable choice instead of accumulating and wasting unnecessary items. 

-      There is an option for contactless delivery, which is only available for online paid orders. 

-      You may further leave any additional delivery instructions if you have any. 


Packaging: The biryani itself comes in a sealed handi made of earthenware. You may heat the biryani in this container, by placing it on a flat on the stove on medium heat for about 10 minutes. This handi is made of sustainable material and it can be re-used. The raita, salan and other curries however come in neatly labeled plastic containers. For breads and desserts, there are biodegradable boxes, with minimal use of aluminium foil.

Choice of Dishes: The USP is dum biryanis ranging from Awadhi and Hyderabadi to Bohri and Calcutta egg biryani. Vegetarians are catered to with four variants such as Awadhi vegetable, Hyderabadi kathal, Bombay masala and Peshawari paneer biryani. Then there is a variety of chargrilled kebabs made with chicken, mutton and also some vegetarian options,slowcooked curries, breads covering the entire gamut from roomali to garlic naan plus bakarkhani, sheermal, taftan and khameeri roti. To end on a sweet note, you can have seviyaan, malai phirnee, shahi tukda and more. 

Food Quality: 
I tried the Lucknow Chowk ki Murgh biryani with salan, burrani raita and papaya relish. The total combo, and I mean a little bit of everything in one bite is a party in the mouth, not the bold and bombastic type, but the subtle and mellow kind, with the aromatics and fine spices revealing themselves in a masterful way.


Pricing: From Biryani for 1 to party packs of 5kg, along with 1/2kg and 1kg options, there are enough options to cater to all types of requirements.

There is no cash on delivery. Digital payment options include debit/credit card or netbanking, MobiKwik, Paytm and freecharge.


Disclaimer:I received a complimentary combo pack of biryani and Bira’s Boom super strong beer in order to write about my experience. The above article, however, is free of all bias.


Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Home Delivery | MKT at The Chanakya

After writing about my experience of dining at numerous restaurants over the years, I am happy to get back to sharing my love for dining out as well as ordering in. 

The Post-Covid world, however, requires more details that readers would be keen to know about, over and above the taste and quality of the food. Hope you enjoy this new format. And please do let me know if you’d like me to elaborate on more aspects. 

Delivery: I had requested for the food to be delivered at 8pm and I received it by 8.10pm. Pretty much on time! The restaurant is using Zomato as their delivery partner. You can find the menu and place your order on the app. 

Packaging: All the dishes came individually packaged in labeled plastic disposable boxes that we transferred into my home crockery immediately. I do wish that more and more restaurants start using biodegradable packaging going forward. I am specifically putting it out there because change will happen when customers demand it! 

Menu Options: MKT is known for its extensive choice of cuisines and even for home delivery you’ll find everything from Asian and Mexican to European, Middle Eastern and Indian fare. To give you an idea of the choice available: Indian dishes include street food, rolls, stuffed paranthas, appetisers and mains as one would expect, biryanis and coastal fare. 

Chicken and chilli oil dimsum; Udon Noodles, MKT Chicken.

Food Taste & Quality: I opted for the MKT signatures from the Oriental section and some Italian. The Chinese dishes at the restaurant have always been popular and fabulous. I would definitely recommend that you order Chinese from here. The previous weekend I had ordered in from another popular Chinese restaurant but unfortunately the food was not as great as it is when you dine in there, but I am happy to report that that was not the case at MKT. The udon noodles and MKT chicken were as delicious as they are when served in the restaurant. I would even give a thumbs-up to the chicken chilli oil dimsum. The chilli oil was packed separately though, and that worked well. The chicken tortellini came tossed in the Bolognese sauce. Even though the sauce was rich and very tasty, the dish became a little dry. If you order this dish, and I recommend you to do so, just request them to send the sauce separately so that you can toss it together for a highly satiating bowl of stuffed pasta. The Jasper pizza is topped with chicken and roasted peppers. Although the taste of the toppings was good, the base was a tad thick and dry for my liking. I would suggest that you stick to ordering in pizzas from one of the many other great choices in the city since there are quite a few now. And finally, the dessert – Belgium chocolate torte. It is a pity that given the weather, the torte didn’t hold its shape by the time it reached me, but it still tasted fantastic. The silky mousse-like texture literally melted in the mouth. And yes, it is definitely made with Belgian chocolate! 

Belgian chocolate torte; Jasper Pizza; Chicken Tortellini. 

Pricing: The pricing is the same as dining-in. 
Payment: The delivery partner app offers the option of digital payment. 

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary meal from the MKT in order to write about my experience. The above article, however, is free of all bias.